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What you should do to get Google Adsense account approval?»

If you are a website owner and you want to make money from your website then posting ads is the best way to do so, but the biggest question is that “How to get advertisement that can generate revenue for your website?”

The best way to get valuable ads is Adsense. Adsense is a program of Google that allow a website owner to post Adsense code that will dynamically generate image as well as textual ads for site owner by Google. The site owner will get revenue when any visitor clicks on those ads.

This is not only enough that you have a website or a high traffic website and you applied for an Adsense account. There are same standards & requirement (teams) that you have to fulfill before getting Adsense ads. Otherwise your application will be rejected.

These are as follows:-

1. Purchase a Top Level Domain

There were days when any blogger or an owner of a subdomain gets ads from Google by an Adsense account. Now days there are a high numbers of disapproved Adsense account. The main resign for this disapprovals are low category domain and those domains which are banned by Google Like,

This is my high recommendation to the new website owner to get a top level domain like .Com, .net, .org, .in, .me, etc.

Before getting a domain there are some points that should be kept in mind

  • Select a simple, easy and small domain for your website.
  • Selected domain should reflect your website and it’s contains.
  • Avoid copy right violation.
  • Don’t use any adult term.
  • Buy domain for more than one year (Recommendation).

You can buy your domain from Goddady, Bigrock, Whois, and Rudrash Web Solution.

2. A well Designed Website with easy Navigation

The second main think that can affect your application is the design of your website and its contents. You may have good contents on your site. But it doesn’t guarantee Adsense approval unless you’ve good design and easy navigation on your site.

Always keep this in maid “you can cook food very well, but it gets appreciation from others, also masters that how the cooked food is severed”. So, make sure that you’ve a professional looking design with a good navigation. Don’t forget to create a logo or favicon icon for website. Websites with logo or favicon icon are considered as good and professional website.

This can be more beneficial for your website that you test your website for any error or warning raised because of any standard mismatching. This is also recommended that you should have pages like Contact, About us, Privacy Policy, and terms and condition to use (if required).

3. Submit Sitemap to Search Engines

The website is launched and passed the standardization test. The next step is to get listed on search engines and Open directories. This is as similar as and much easier than adding our name and phone number in phone directory. This will allow your visitors to find your website easily.

You should also make sure to submit your sitemap to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Submit Express , also see this. There are many tools to do so. Submitting sitemap to search engine will help you in getting indexing your web pages over search engines. These web pages will be shown as result when any searching is done over search engines. Google can take a week to index your pages.

You can check the indexing of your webpages by searching “” and backlinks by “”.

“Indexing is as similar to creating doors for visitors to come inside”

You can list your website in DMOZ Directory, Yahoo Directory, Entireweb and Social Submission Engine in appropriate category. If it is listed in these directories, your visitor will able to easy find your website.

4. Get Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools are free tools by Google. These tools are free to use and provide a wide range of services. A website own is required to login and complete some normal steps of initialization of account. Webmaster required the URL of website and also the sitemap can be submitted with the help of webmaster, Where Google Analytics required a code that must be copied and paste on each and every page that you required to be analyzed.

5. Remove Adsense alternatives

This will be very bed impression that your webpage is full of Ads. It will be a bad idea to apply for Adsense when you have some Adsense alternative ads. Your application will be rejected as these ads can have bed impression to the goodwill of ads providers and also the visitors can be confused in these ads. But you can remove those Ads before applying for Adsense.

6. Apply for Adsense

This is a simple step you have to sign up to Adsense and then submit the URL of your website. You are also required to fill a frame (detail like address, banks Account, age, tax paid).

Adsense approval to application is done in two steps.

  • Your website is checked in black list and age of domain etc. the result will be mailed to you.
  • If passed the first step then you will be allowed to login to your Adsense account and generate an ads unite code and paste it on your webpage. Then it’s time to Google’s Adsense exports to analysis your website with Adsense code.

If you passed both steps than your Adsense account will be activated and you will start receiving ads from Google.

Some Other points

  • If you have more the one website, then apply with the best website.
  • Your age must be 18 years or above to be eligible for Adsense Program.
  • Sometime Your domain should be old than 6 months for generating trust.
  • Avoid Paid Traffic. (Adsense notice content much more than the traffic)
  • Avoid copy right violation.
  • Don’t use any adult term.

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